Caring for your pimento wood sticks

If you would like to order pimento wood products to make authentic jerk you can do so simply by clicking on the logo above in this post to be taken to Pimento Wood Products website where you can purchase everything you will need to make jerk.

Pimento wood sticks are used when making jerk to create a plank like effect for the meats to sit on during the cooking process. When you cook/grill with the sticks essential oils and aromas permeate into the meats enhancing the flavors and aromas of your meats. The sticks can be re-used if you take care of them. This blog is to give you a quick instructional on how to do just that. This is not rocket science at all but this website is dedicated to making every step of the process a no brainer for you, so let’s begin.

As you can see from the picture above the pimento wood sticks are used to create as mentioned above a plank like area to place the meats that you are cooking. The smaller the size of meat the closer you will need to put the sticks together. I like cooking 3-5 LB cuts because it allows me to use less sticks than if I were to as example cook chicken thighs, legs or even pork chops where I would need more sticks closer grouped.

When we make jerk we are to cook using a method called offset cooking.  The good thing about grilling with the sticks is that the heat side will always be on the opposite side of the grill than the sticks so you usually do not have to worry about burning up your sticks. Below I will post some simple instructions of how to take care of and maintain your sticks for future cooks. You usually can get about 2-3 cooks with your sticks depending on how well you take care of them during each use.

Once you are done using your pimento sticks take them off of the grill. For best results do the following step while the sticks are still hot from the grill.  Take the sticks to a large sized sink or you can use a large bucket ect and wash/rinse the sticks with warm water.  I like to use my kitchen sink and I will turn my sink sprayer on jet mode and start rinsing the sticks off.


The final step to cleaning those sticks well is by taking each stick and sliding the entire stick slowly through your hands as seen in the picture above. You will notice when you do this to each stick you will remove a lot of food debris etc. Continue to repeat this step until  you do not see any more debris come off the sticks. Once you have all of the food debris removed from the sticks it is time to dry them.

Lay the pimento wood sticks out to dry. You can re-use the sticks 2-3 times on average as long as you take care of them after each use and you do not burn them.

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