Pimento wood chips, sticks, leaves and more

To make authentic Jamaican jerk it is essential to use pimento wood sticks, sweet wood, pimento wood chips and pimento leaves to re-create that true flavor you are looking for when it comes to making jerk. Remember if you are trying to make jerk or you are currently selling jerk in your restaurant and are not using pimento wood then I am sorry, that is not true authentic Jamaican jerk.

If you have been on the search for pimento wood to make jerk well look no further because there is a company here in the United States based out of  California that sells everything that you need to make authentic jerk just like you had when you were on the island!




All products from Pimento Wood Products are from Jamaica and are authentic and exactly what you need to make real authentic jerk. If you are not using pimento wood it is NOT jerk! If you have been playing around and experimenting with trying to perfect that flavor your search is over.  Using pimento wood when you make jerk brings out that final component needed to bring you that taste you have been trying to re-create. You can get all kinds of items from pimento wood sticks, pimento wood chips, pimento wood chunks, sweet wood sticks, pimento leaves, sauces and much more. The best way to get started is by buying a Jerk Starter pack which includes pimento sticks, pimento chips and pimento leaves which is everything you will need to make authentic jerk. You can use pimento wood to smoke chicken, pork, fish, shrimp, beef, vegetables and more. We find that pimento works best for white meats but you can use it to smoke red meat as well.

The very first time you use pimento wood to make jerk you will immediately notice the difference in the very first bite you take. I have been told many times by family, friends, neighbors and  co-workers that it is one of the greatest smoke flavors they have ever tasted and I agree with them 100% cause it truly is. I have experimented with all kinds of woods throughout the years from oak, cherry, apple, peach, hickory, pecan, walnut and more. I probably have tried any wood you could think of and there is just something special about pimento wood. Its aromas send all of your neighbors necks over the fence to ask what that amazing smell is. It is obvious that pimento wood is my personal favorite wood to smoke with and I hope that you give some a try so you can understand what all the obsession is about!