Almost 20 years ago when I first visited Jamaica with my wife like many I stumbled upon the art of Jamaican Jerk and became obsessed. Upon returning to the states I did everything I could to replicate that experience and try to bring that exact same flavor to my dinner table. After countless attempts I just could not seem to get it right, there was something missing.  Pimento Wood !

Upon returning to Jamaica I continued my obsession and asked questions at almost every stand or jerk shack we passed on our adventures on the island. You can say I was hooked on Jerk! There were not really many authentic recipes or any authentic methods of how to cook Jamaican jerk on the internet as I went about my adventures to become a master. That in the end is what inspired Jamaican Jerk BBQ to be born.  This is a forum for all of us to share our ideas, recipes, marinades, rubs, and more.

If you are interested in sharing one of your cooks we would be glad to share it with the community and put it up on our website as well. We will need you to look at our current blogs and use that as an example tempelate of what we would need from you to publish your cook but some examples of what would be needed are as follows:  ingredients and measurements of marinade or rub, step by step instructions with pictures of your prep, pre cook, cook and final result.  Again if you need a guide to help you just look at one of our blog posts on how to make authentic Jerk Chicken or the one on how to make Jerk Ribs and that will help you as a guide of what info we will need from you.

Again we welcome any and all submissions. Feel free to contact us direct under the Contact Us form on the website.


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